EMDR Therapist in West Harpeth, TN

I am a Nashville area EMDR Therapist, Professional Therapist & Mental Health Services Provider serving West Harpeth, TN

I am a Licensed Therapist, Licensed Professional Counselor & Mental Health Services Provider Serving West Harpeth

Depending on the personal issues or nature of the mental health problem you are facing in West Harpeth, traditional therapy is effective, but can be time-consuming and require many sessions in order to make progress. I do offer alternative therapy solutions within the realm of traditional therapy such EMDR Therapy in West Harpeth that are proven to be very effective and faster in achieving clarity on your issues.

Depression, anxiety, fear. These are just some of the feelings that everyone experiences to various degrees at some point. When these feelings and emotions become overwhelming, they also become debilitating.

Counseling and Personal Therapy in West Harpeth, TN

My personal therapy and family counseling, EMDR therapy, mental health services and substance abuse and pain relief counseling are here to provide a space where you can be heard, without judgement. You should always Contact Us if you need any kind of therapy or counseling assistance in West Harpeth, TN. Together, we can create the life you want to live.

I am a Licensed Professional Counselor, Mental Health Services Provider & EMDR Therapist offering virtual telemedicine appointments throughout all of Tennessee.

Ask me about my experience & how I can help you address the challenges you are facing. Call me or text me at 615.330.2659.