Nowhere to Turn

When the Darkness Creeps in

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Help with facing the problems of life

Depression, anxiety, fear. These feelings plague every human being at some point. When it becomes overwhelming, where do you turn? You know something isn’t right, but what do you do about it?

Traditional therapy is expensive and time-consuming. I offer a solution.

There is a process that can offer relief

Adaptive Integrated Processing is a powerful and fast track to relief and real solutions. AIP is the model of EMDR treatment.

We will partner together to identify and eliminate the internal blocks you have to living a happy and fulfilled life.

We will discover the solutions that already lie hidden in your own life.

Solve underlying issues through EMDR

Perhaps you’ve been taking medication and gotten temporary relief, or it doesn’t help quite as much as you’d like.

Therapy (and specifically EMDR) works in concert with medication to address the underlying issues that can create the difficulties you are experiencing.

Sessions generally start by focusing on the current problem, exploring the genesis of the issue, and beginning the work of moving through the stuck feelings to improve understanding and enlightenment.

We can accomplish in just one to five sessions what it takes years of traditional talk therapy to do.

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